Lemon Tea

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Now you can enjoy the promise of good health, nutrition, and great taste with DiaBliss Lemon Tea Standy Pouch pack of 500g. Add this lemon tea premix in hot water, to get that refreshing cuppa every morning, or go ahead and prepare the most refreshing ice lemon tea that you’ll ever have. Since it is made with DiaBliss Herbal Sugar, you need not worry about extra calories or the dreaded bitter aftertaste. This lemon tea premix by DiaBliss is ideal for office goers and agreeable to their wives.

With a Standy Pouch pack of 500g, DiaBliss Lemon Tea can be enjoyed by your entire family – either as a hot lemon tea or ice-tea with a revitalizing lemon flavor. It is made with DiaBliss Herbal Sugar – the world’s first diabetic-friendly sugar which is ideal for diabetics, pre-diabetics or anyone in your family who is health-conscious.

Since it uses DiaBliss Sugar, which is made from herbal extracts, DiaBliss Lemon Tea does not leave any bitter aftertaste unlike many other sugar substitutes. With only 40 calories per serving, DiaBliss Lemon Tea is an instant hit with most pre-diabetics, diabetics and their families.

With DiaBliss Lemon Tea you can enjoy health and nutrition without worrying about calories. It is especially made for people who want to put their health first without sacrificing their taste-buds. With the 500g standy pouch pack, you can ensure that DiaBliss Lemon Tea is a constant companion of your kitchen for your family’s health and refreshment.

If you wanted your daily beverage to be a low-calorie drink, healthy and refreshing drink, look no further than DiaBliss Lemon Tea. Find out more about the benefits associated with low GI nutrition.

Pack: 500gm

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